What are Sacred Geometry Mandalas?

  • Sacred Geometry Mandalas are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 291 randomly assembled Mandalas with 4 varying traits, decreasing in rarity. Sacred Geo Mandalas have a variety of colors, mandalas geometry and background - all Mandalas are unique, but certain trait combination are the rarest. Each Sacred Geo Mandala is comprised of a unique body, center, geometry, mandala, background and color! - 100s of possibilities!


How rare is my Mandala?

  • Lets remember all Mandalas are unique, although different traits will give different rarities. These are divided as follows:

Background - 9 unique backgrounds

Mandala - 8 Hand made Mandala

Solid - 8 options, based on the platonic solids 

Tone  - 8 color tones



Why get a Sacred Geo Mandala?

  • Besides been a part of the NFT community, you are supporting a real artist, I have hand crafted all the designs based on years of experience working with this style of design. 
  • 20% of all profits will be re-invested in emerging NFT artists, how this money will be spent will be determined by the holders of Sacred Geo Mandalas. 
  • Holding this first collection will also gran you a unique NFT off our second collection. Thats right, holding this NFT is a pass for a second FREE NFT! 




What's the price?

Sacred Geo Mandalas are priced at a flat rate (0.03 Ξ), and don't forget - Next Gen will be based on a similar concept but completely different! 





    • On day 1 the first free twitter giveaway will be held! 
    • 25% Second giveaway will be held!  
    • 50% First preview of second collection released
    • 75% Third giveaway 
    • 100% Snap show will be taken of all current owners, this will grant you a free NFT from our second collection. 
    • At this point we will also determine various projects to re-invest in, decisions will be taken on the community Discord, and holding a Mandala will give you voting power  


    Meet the artist! 

    Raul Wesche is originally from Mexico City, Mexico.
    ​He has been tattooing for 7 years and specializes in Geometric Art and Black Work designs. He has worked all over the world, and won international tattoo awards world wide. 

    He puts 100% passion into his projects and is very hands on with design and application, giving every client a unique personable tattoo.
    He has won several awards locally and internationally, for his Tattoo art.